Beauty Monster Plasma Pen

Beauty Montser is portable plasma device to remove spot, pigment, skin tag, moles, wart etc, and improve wrinkle, scar. If generating the electricity of High frequency between a stable ions of surface of skin and an unstable(labile) ions in the air, spark is emerged. Treatment area is burned(carbonized) by that spark without side effect, and then thermal energy is made. Beauty Monster uses low
power and suitable frequency for its purpose of beauty care, even safe and no side effect emerged.

Beauty Monster Jet Eyes lift Plasma Pen Parameters:

Part Number: BLS1209
Type: Derma Rolling System
Certification: CE,rosh
Feature: Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Moisturizer, Dark Circles, Breast Enhancers, Wrinkle Remover, Weight Loss, Anti-Hair Removal, Whitening, Pigment Removal
Application: For Commercial & Home Use
Function: mole removal, spot removal, eyelid lifting
Keywords: Monster Plasma Pen
Voltage: 110V – 240 V, 50/60Hz
Needle number: 4 types of needle head
Weight: 0.45kg
Color: White / Black / Gold / Gray
Warranty: 1 Year
Name: Plasma Pen
Charging: USB line charging