Derma pen A6

Most Advanced Dr. Pen A6 Derma Pen Rechargeable Auto Microneedle Therapy System
beautimate ice roller included! Great for after treatment relief!
The most advanced rechargeable Dr. Pen is here. The same technology used by
beauty salon & spa's is now available for home use and for a fraction of the
cost. The Dr. Pen derma pen adopts the newest technology so you can control the
speed of vibration and the needle length. This allows you to reach maximum
results in all areas of the skin. It comes with 2 replaceable & rechargeable
batteries as well as the option to use it plugged in. This is the most precise
derma pen available.
5 speed control
2 Rechargeable & Replaceable Batteries
Continuous Plug power adapter
High quality + Fast RPM
Nice mini box + Travel case
Replaceable needle cartridge 12 needle
Minimized epidermal damage means less pain
Easy to maneuver around all facial contours
Because of vertical delivery, needles easily penetrate scar tissue without risk of bending